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Important Safety Note!

Working on HVAC systems means the at you will encounter many potentially dangerous situations involving:

  • Equipment containing liquids and gases under pressure.

  • Energized electrical equipment.

  • Contact with extremely hot and cold equipment surfaces

  • Rotating machinery.

  • Contact with chemicals and hazardous materials

  • Installation and repair work involving movement of heavy objects

Be careful! Only trained and qualified service personnel should install or service HVAC equipment. Untrained personnel may perform basic maintenance tasks such as cleaning and replacing filters with little supervision. However, unfamiliar servicing tasks must be performed by (or under the supervision of) an experienced service technician.

The final responsibility for on the job safety rests with you. Job and construction sites can be hazardous places to work. The safety instructions given in this section and the general in nature and are not to be used as a substitute for the manufacturers instructions. The terms DANGER, WARNING, and CAUTION have specific meanings that identify the degree of hazard. To avoid hazards and servicing mistakes, it is a good practice to always review a procedure before doing it. This makes you aware of the important safety and servicing conditions before you start. No attempt should be made by anyone to install, operate, adjust, repair, or dismantle any equipment until the manufacture’s specific instructions have been read and are thoroughly understood. We will not be liable for any special, direct, incidental or consequential damages.