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Troubleshooting Common Thermostat Problems

 Clock losing time

 Display goes blank or shows "PF" when starting cooling or heating

 Unit running backwards - cooling on heat demand, heating on cool demand

 Unit runs both heat and cool at the same time

 Display blanks out during heating

 Wireless thermostat won't turn on heat or cool

 Batteries die rapidly in wireless stat

 Setup - can't get into advanced setup or can't get past step 2

 Buttons don't work

 Temperature inaccurate

 Fan doesn't come on with the heat

 Thermostat settings change or scramble when supplemental heat comes on

 Remote sensors show wrong temperature

 Thermostat doesn't respond to changes in room temperature

 Erratic operation, partial display, or fluctuating temperature

 General Tips

 Programming Tips

 Advanced Programming for Commercial Stats